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I have a question in the unveiling Saudi Arabia thread.

Isaac Schrödinger

"I would ask the same question of Steven (the 11 points blogger): What do you make of books or observations by "arabist" Brits? In particular, RVC Bodley's SANDS OF THE SAHARA and TE Lawrence's SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM."

Oh, I didn't realize that was directed at me. Sorry.

Still, I can't answer since I haven't read what Bodley and Lawrence have written. So, sorry again.

If you wish, you can provide me a summary of their views. Then, I'll be in a position to provide an answer.


Pretty hard as those are very thoughtful, experiential books. And 7 Pillars is also pretty long. Basically that the nomadic arabs are soulfoul and it is cool to go and be one. But you really ought to read them. I'm not just interested in what you think of what they say, but of your interpretation of the fascination of brits with arabs, and of whether the little nitty gritty things that these guys observe have the feel of truth and or insight, to you.

Sheesh. Really, you can't consider yourself educated if you have not read Lawrence's book. This is THE Lawrence of Arabia we are talking about btw. But, his book is sorta long and dry--Bodley's is much more readable.

P.s. I would ask Steve these questions, but his site makes people register.


Here is a link to a short passage from Bodley's book.

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