Gynecologists See Trouble

Screwed on Two Levels

Wretchard on the French Intifada:

Some may deride Chirac or de Villepin as appeasers. However the probable truth is that no one has yet figured out how to stop a vigorous ideology in its tracks. The West's own experience with Nazism and Communism shows that both accommodation and confrontation can fuel, rather than retard their growth. There is no magic formula; and perhaps there is no formula. Ideologies often resemble epidemics which must run their course, which neither medicine nor quarantine; nor fire nor water can much reduce.

NahnCee in the comments there:

A year ago, French politicians promised "change" and "help". As best I can see, nothing has been done along these lines simply because France is not in a position to even help its white native-born citizens as it swirls into bankruptcy.

But I haven't seen one single step towards MAKING these "youths" responsible for their actions, towards making it painful for them to continue doing what they have been doing. Just on a normal criminal level, never mind Islam and becoming jihadists.


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