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This is what I wrote on September 28:

The Prophet Muhammed is the embodiment of all that is wrong with Islam. Unfortunately, the Muslims consider him to be an infallible human. Nothing he said or did could be wrong.

Imagine if someone were to pick a person who lived, let's say, 100-200 years ago. Now suppose he was called absolutely perfect by X number of people. Would that fact alter the morality of the dead guy?

It shouldn't.

Think of the prevalent outlook between 1806 and 1906. Racialist views are the norm; slavery is accepted in most of the world; non-whites and women are treated as inferior in the West and on and on.

We would simply laugh at anyone who claimed that a person who lived in that time held the most clear moral view for all of humanity till the end of time.

Yet, Muslims think that Muhammed who lived 1400 years ago is the guy to forever emulate.

Today, we get the following view from a Danish blogger:

We laugh because we are expected to show reverence for Mohammed. A reverence we simply cannot honour. Newly globalized Muslims insist on dragging a historical person 1400 years forward in time, demanding in a voice of thunder that the rest of the world respect and honour him. We are given only one option: Mohammed is the best and wisest man in history. He is right in everything he says. Nobody has the right to criticize him.

Even mild and meek personalities like Jesus or Gandhi would appear ridiculous if an ignorant posteriority exalted them to tyrants. How ridiculous does not a conqueror from the 7th century look, when he is set up as an infallible leader of the entire modern world? A leader who morally, intellectually and theologically can not compare favourably, simply because the world has evolved since his time.

It is the Muslims who make Mohammed look ridiculous.

Ridiculousness can be described by a simple formula: A relative historic concept that claims to be absolute is ridiculous.




Seems like that's the whole problem. Muslims just refuse to improve in any way, shape, or form. Their world and society was "perfect" 1,400 years ago, and they want it to stay exactly the same way for the rest of eternity.

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