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Ariana Huffington has decided to prop up Ned Lamont's flagging campaign for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seat by writing his concession speech for him in advance.  Astute move.

In crafting her fictitious speech conceding Lamont's upcoming loss to exiled Democrat Joe Lieberman, Huffington attempts to identify why Lamont is going down to defeat, presumably thereby to innoculate her nut-root cohort of other present and future candidates against similar stupidity.

The weirdest part of the concession speech is when "Lamont" says that he was too civil during the campaign!



While this kind of stuff is definitely mockable, I certainly hope the Democrats regain their bearings in the near future. America needs all its people working together for what is ahead, not just Republican leadership -- although that's a good start. Thanks for the link.

Isaac Schrödinger

"I certainly hope the Democrats regain their bearings in the near future."

I do too.

"Thanks for the link."

You're welcome.

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