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Psychology of Muslims

Echo asks in an email: "What happens to the psychology of the Muslim-born person who was born & raised in the US, and who visits his parents homeland? Does seeing the difference between the hygiene and the dynamism of the US, and the filth and decay and backwardness of dar al Islam drive them away from Islam or towards it?"

I think there are four possible outcomes when Muslims from the Islamic world go back and forth between the West and their home.

1. Utter Indifference

Some people simply live in a cocoon. They move to wherever there is leisure and comfort. That's it. Either they don't care or don't notice the fact that the Islamic world is backwards because of retrograde policies and ideologies. They're not interested in politics, economics, history or news that doesn't affect them. To them, Hamas is an exotic version of humus.

This attitude is not limited to Muslims. I know a non-Muslim guy who was absolutely shocked when I showed him 9/11 in 2003. His jaw dropped when he saw a passenger airliner crash into the World Trade Center.

"I thought that a cargo jet, or something, hit the towers."

Enuff said.

2. Unnatural Thoughts

Muslims in this category are usually mentally stressed. They've been taught all their life that Islam is oh-so-superior, yet in their personal dealings they almost always choose the non-Muslim side of things.

  • To pray or not to pray.
  • To eat halaal food or eat simply non-pork meals.
  • To drink or not to drink.
  • To be pious or roll one up for Allah.

When it comes to matters of substance such as human rights (that includes women and gays), they usually agree with the matter but remain mostly quiet. Their humanity and what they've been taught are at odds.

For example, in the winter of 2002, I was talking to a friend about the Taliban. Another friend of his was listening to me with full attention. I was detailing the crimes of the Taliban and somehow came upon the topic of the Iranian regime and how it's similar in depravity.

I mentioned that Iranians stone women to death for adultery.

"Do you agree with that?" I asked.

"NO," he said quickly.

That's when his friend pounced on him.

"The Quran sanctions the punishment! Do you disagree with the Quran?"

"Of course not," he said.

"So, you agree with stoning?"

"No, I don't," my friend replied.

"You disagree with the Quran!"

"No," my friend replied.

Think of the mental death match. Logically, he disagreed with Islam but he couldn't possibly utter that. So, he, I'm assuming, continues to disagree with Islamic rulings and still "respects Islam".

Another reason why these Muslims do not speak out is because of the guaranteed loss of goodwill from their extended family and the inevitable dishonor on their immediate family. (If such a Muslim does speak up, then the parents and siblings can't merely disagree with the maverick; they have to cut ties with him/her to safeguard their street-cred within the Muslim community--especially if the family lives in Muslim lands.)

One won't find such meek Muslims marching for sharia but their bottled-up silence makes it practically impossible for the West to distinguish them from the next group.

3. Recoiling from the West

These Muslims are repulsed by Western Civilization. Of course, that doesn't stop them from enjoying its fruits.

The West still has a certain attraction--but to them it's devilish in nature. Aha! Everyone told me that the infidel world will be seductive but I, being a true Muslim, won't give in!

Instead of truly thinking what the West stands for, these retards fall back on Islam. To them, Islam is comfortable--the boundaries are clearly defined (more like barbed wire) and there is little, if any, dynamism. (Oooh, look! The new burqa is a different shade of black.)

These Muslims go back home and instead of seeing a wretched system, they blame the West for all their woes. They think that the West is prosperous not because of its latent strength and granite foundations but because it stole the wealth from the umma. Just don't ask them: where and when were the Muslims rich?

They are very passionate about Islam. They're not content with simply believing in Islam, they want the rest of society to "respect" Islam as well. Note, that is different from respecting someone's decision to follow Islam. They want us to respect their religion in the same manner as we "respect" traffic signals: we have to eventually follow Islam or at the very least not say anything that contradicts that wholesome religion.

To most Westerners, this group seems totally crazy. Why the hell did they leave their hellhole and come to the West to create their own mini-version of hell? Yes, it doesn't make much sense. But then, it's not in the nature of an Islamist to be rational.

One can often point out Islamists since they're quite vocal. They usually spout the following:

  • Jooooos control the banks / news / world.
  • The US should have left Afghanistan alone.
  • Osama was framed for 9/11.
  • The US is the most evil regime on Earth. (A few minutes later: Saudi Arabia is truly an ideal country.)
  • I'm for free speech BUT...if it hurts Muslims...disrespects Islam...shows Muhammed in a thong...then "the racists" should be punished.
  • I'm against suicide bombings BUT...
  • There is a great non-Muslim conspiracy against Islam.
  • Alcohol sellers and consumers, gays, uppity women and apostates should be punished.
  • It is a crime to find a floating Quran in a toilet. Nothing wrong with sharia, though.

I'm including Islamist supporters in this group as well. Not all of them agree with the imposition of Islam; they just align themselves with the Islamists out of spite and envy. These lovely people smile when they see the footage from 9/11.

4. Embracing the Infidelosphere

Sadly, only a tiny group of Muslims come under this heading--partly because quite a few leave Islam completely.

These Muslims see the liberty, lushness, and luxury in the West and they like it. They are humbled by the libraries. They are fascinated by the TV shows and movies. They enjoy the equality of the sexes under the law and they say and write whatever they want without worrying about life behind bars.

They love the entire infidelicious spectrum of the West.

When they go back to their birth countries, reality kicks in the door:

  • Meritocracy doesn't exist in the Muslim world. Status, tribe, connections (wasta) and religion is what matters. Islam says Muslims are equal--some are just more equal than others.
  • The Muslim lands are economic parasites. Yet, that doesn't stop the rhetoric of glory of the umma.
  • The Islamic world is an intellectual wasteland. Islam is the answer. Regardless of the question.
  • The Golden Rule does not apply to infidels. The non-Muslims must not disrespect Islam, allow the building of mosques in the West, give Muslims citizenship while the umma in Saudi Arabia jail people for the possession of a bible, burn down churches in Sudan and practically everywhere chant Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to Denmark, Death to [Any Western Nation].
  • Why are Muslims dumber than the sons of apes and pigs?
  • There is a conspiracy theory for every ill that affects the Muslims. Why can't they accept reality and improve their lot?

The answers to such questions often results in a significant break with their religion. These people don't seek solace in the putrid arms of Islam. Instead, they speak out against sharia and the twisted nature of modern Islamic nations. These Muslims / apostates can be called the anti-Islamists.

They are lucky to be living in the West. They know, not just at a theoretical level, how sharia rapes the dignity of a society. They are horrified at the sight of such evil in the West.

They fight the darkness in many ways: appear on radio or TV shows, give speeches, write for newspapers, publish a book, or post on a blog (ahem).

Note: My guess about the numbers of such Muslims.

(Group 1 + Group 2) > Group 3 > Group 4

It's depressing.


Jim Bender

I have a friend from Bangladesh. His wife is Scottish, and she speaks Arabic, as her father is a Civil Engineer who had worked in the Middle East for many years. My friend has had his own consulting business, and has sponsored people from Bangladesh, and put them into jobs. In one case, a woman, who was a programmer, was beaten by her husband for working late. In another case, a man, who worked for my friend, was saying bad things about my friend for not being observant enough. I have have met people who are very nice, including a young man who probably has trouble flying. He is Pakistani, and grew up in Saudi Arabia. His parents still live there. This friend has a BS and MS in CS, and I worked with him in the Dallas area, last fall. He is a fine young man, and I enjoyed working with him. I haven't run into anyone but a type 4 (seemingly), so I have only had good experiences.


Are you sure ? Did you ask him about Sharia and the west ? What would he do ?

The Jut

Very good post. It embodies what I meant when I wrote, that you have an invaluable insight into the islamic world. My experience with muslims is often that when discussing 'sharia' subjects indirectly they are usually against such primitive laws, but when directly addressing the issue, they quickly change the subject("I only lived there for 20 years, so I don't know what it's like now. Do you need another beer?").

Isaac Schrödinger

The Jut: "they are usually against such primitive laws, but when directly addressing the issue, they quickly change the subject"

The truth is often uncomfortable.

Dar al_harb

Thanks for your article it answers questions that i have asked myself of islam.Things i have not been able to make sense and sanity of when it comes to muslims.

Your comments word by word put the impression of a huge neon sign with the words "the truth hurts" flashing in my mind.

Awesome and educational,thanks.

Bridget E. London

Thanks for another highly entertaining and informative article.

'In one case, a woman, who was a programmer, was beaten by her husband for working late'

Tragic. She'll quietly apostacize.


Christians say you will go to hell for adultry and not believing in their God. Isn't that as bad?



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