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Such Lovely People

Western Resistance links to disturbing news from the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

The PPIM report had been carried out over a longer period, from 2001 to March 2006, in 30 of the nation's 33 provinces. This revealed that 43.5 % of respondents said they would be prepared to wage war on threatening non-Muslim groups, while 40% said they would employ violence against anyone seen to be blaspheming against Islam.

[Emphasis mine.]

Blame Allah

How following Islam can be disadvantageous; reason #4871897:

The next huge Muslim seethe-fest will be over the 2012 London Olympics: Muslims’ anger as London Olympics clash with Ramadan.


Free advice to Muslim* contestants in 2012: Instead of whining like a little bitch, don't fast during the competition.

* I'm assuming that some Muslims will make it that far. Certainly, we won't see any slaves of Allah in one particular sport.

Time For Them To Go

Glenn Reynolds:

A GOP PRE-MORTEM: So is it over for the GOP majorities in Congress? It's still too early to say, I guess, but when even John Hinderaker is sounding extremely gloomy that's certainly the way to bet.

So I want to stress, for the edification of any Republican leaders who might pay attention, that this is the result of a series of unforced errors on their part. Following is a (partial) list:

Here it is.

It's actually amazing to see just how many political blunders the Republicans have unleashed over the past two years. And it's not about the war either since all, but one, of the items on the list are related to foreign policy. (The updates show that the Republicans are also losing the war supporters.)

The second debacle is the best example: the nomination of Harriet Miers. Conservatives had waited for many year for that scenario, yet the President nominated a person whom many in the Blogosphere thought would be an awful pick.

Here was a golden opportunity for the Republicans to fire up the base, instead they enraged them.

Soon, they'll pay the price.

Astronomical CEO Compensation

Greg Mankiw:

One highlight of my week was attending a seminar by Xavier Gabaix, the young star economist who was formerly a student in the Harvard PhD program and is now on the Princeton faculty. Xavier presented his paper on CEO pay. The above graph, from the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, shows the striking fact in need of explanation.

Click here to see the amazing graph.

Read the comments there--they are very intelligent.

Something Ordinary

The photo in this post brought back a memory.

I saw a small scene during the summer that made me ponder. An Asian couple were walking with their young daughter. They were all wearing summer clothes: T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. The kid was in the middle holding the hands of her parents. She would repeatedly jump, swing a bit and then land on her feet. It was a simple and ordinary sight.

Yet, I had never seen something like that in over ten years in the Middle East. It is only after living here that one realizes that Saudi Arabia is colder than Canada.

The Flaming Quran

Compass Direct via Dhimmi Watch:

Fresh allegations of blasphemy seem to be nearly a weekly occurrence in Pakistan (107 people were accused in 2005). Bishop Coutts has spent the last four days doing damage control to save the lives of two of the most recent suspects.

Police in Faisalabad barely rescued James Masih, 65, and his neighbor Buta Masih, 70, on Sunday (October 8) from the hands of a violent Muslim mob roused by claims that the illiterate men had burned pages of the Quran.

I had often seen people burn trash in Pakistan. These folks are poor; they either don't have or can't afford a trash pickup service. So, they simply take out the garbage, lay it in a pile and burn it. The mere fact that some papers are among the heap doesn't imply that they are burning the Quran.

These accusations say a lot about the Muslims who make them--they want to grind the Christians under their feet. They're just looking for an excuse. Once they level the evidence-free charge of Quran-burning, the choice for most Pakistanis is easy: Do they believe the infidel or the 'pure' Muslim?

"We Will Fight in the Shade"

Victor Davis Hanson writes about 300:

(Adapted from the introduction to the forthcoming book trailer published by Black Horse Comics, Inc. to accompany Director Zack Snyder’s new film “300”)


The Greeks took encouragement from the unprecedented sacrifice of a Spartan King and his royal guard on their behalf. And so a few weeks later at the sea battle of Salamis near Athens — and then again the next year at the great infantry collision on the plains of Plataea — the Greeks defeated, and eventually destroyed, the Persian invaders. The rallying cry of the victors was Thermopylae, the noble sacrifice of the final stand of the outnumbered Greeks, and especially the courage of the fallen Three Hundred Spartans under King Leonidas.

Greeks vs. Persians

John Hawkins writes about history and 300:

Their courage inspired the other Greeks and discouraged the Persians, who had been taught the hard way that the Greeks, man for man, were far better warriors. It turns out that the Greeks were far superior to them in warfare at sea as well because an outnumbered Greek force crushed the Persians at Salamis, while united Greek armies annihilated the Persian forces on land.

That was very significant because had the Persians conquered Greece and destroyed those nascent democracies, it's entirely possible that human history could have been far different -- and it's likely that it would have been far, far worse.

So, all of us living in free nations owe a debt of gratitude to those brave Spartans who fought to death to protect their homes, their families, and the freedom of their people. Even though the Spartans were not a democracy per se, they played a significant role in making sure that Democracy was preserved for all of us.


Click here to see the trailers.

Unveiling Islam

Times Online via Michelle Malkin:

The growing number of women veiling their faces in Britain is a sign of radicalisation. I was disturbed when, after my first year at university in 1988, I discovered to my surprise that some of my fellow students had turned very religious and had taken to wearing the jilbab (a long, flowing gown covering all the body except hands and face), which they had never worn before and which was not the dress code of their mothers. They had joined the college’s Islamic Society, which preached that women were not considered proper Muslims unless they adopted such strict dress codes. After that, I never really had anything in common with them.


[...] if we can’t have a debate about the veil without a vocal minority of Muslims crying “Islamophobia”, how will we face other issues, such as domestic violence, forced marriages, sexual abuse and child abuse that are rife in the Muslim community? These are not uniquely Muslim problems but, unlike other communities, they are never openly debated. It is children and women who suffer as a result.

Quite right.

I have written about abuse here:

The following post is my take on life of a woman in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: Honor in Slavery.

Intel Should Take Note

Good news from HKEPC Hardware: SafeBoot to enhance the compatibility to AMD processors. Via HardOCP.

Often times, motherboard makers release a good board and then a few weeks or months later a new processor hits the market. Those who buy the motherboard and the new processor need to update the BIOS to get the setup to work.

But here's the catch: A working processor needs to be in the board for the customer to be able to revise the BIOS.

Recently, Intel released the Core 2 Duo processor--truly a spanking product. However, many early buyers who bought that with the ASUS P5W DH motherboard couldn't even boot up the computer! The ASUS board needed a BIOS revision to support the Core 2 Duo. And for that it needed an old compatible Intel processor.

AMD has taken the right step in fixing this headache. The other major processor maker should follow its example.

What Your Problem Is?

Poslo comments in this post:

I guess people like you who call themselves ex-Muslims are the ones Muslims refer to when they talk about execution.

Yes, death for apostates is supported by all major schools of Islamic "thought".

[...] you just join and leave then spread lies and sh!t everywhere!

Join and leave? I didn't have a choice about joining. I was born in a Muslim family. And by the way, I can't help but sh!t everywhere; the damn Quran has backed up the toilet. Again.

Just shut up and take care of your own business.

Sorry, I have a big mouth. (Helpful hint: Just don't read my blog, you clown.)

Stop attacking Muslims you spiteful person.

But they're such an easy target! My motto: I slam Islam.

Never Boring

Cricinfo has started a new blog. In the very first post Kamran Abbasi says:

There was a time when I sulked in desperation at the latest incredible twist in events. The shenanigans and skulduggery were unimaginable. But then I grew to love it. Pakistan cricket is an administrative basket case but a voyeur's eye candy. And the result is that you never quite know what to expect on the field, a flash of genius or a flood of incompetence. Pakistan is the world's most capable team at being either very very good or very very bad within the same tour, the same match, the same session, or the same over. Throw in some of the world's fastest bowlers, most exciting batsmen, laziest fielders, and hottest hotheads and you have created an irresistible mix.

So very true. The Pakistani team can be likened to a firecracker. Sometimes, there are oohs and aahs; sometimes, we get a dud.

"No Compulsion"

Neighbour Caitlin Dalton was taking out the rubbish about 7pm on Monday when she heard “loud, huge, terrifying screams” coming from the unit complex.

“She (the teenager) was yelling, ‘Help me, help me, they’re trying to kill me’,” Ms Dalton said. “Everybody heard the screams but we couldn’t work out which unit they were coming from. Then this girl emerged in the stairwell hysterical and crying.

”Her clothes had been ripped off, she was just in her underwear and she had quite severe scratches down her arm and across her back."

Read the whole horrific tail. Via LFG.

Canadian Idiots

Globe and Mail:

“This irresponsible and dangerous act seriously undermines both regional peace and stability, and global efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons,” Mr. Harper said in a statement released by his office.

Jack Layton can always be counted on for the asinine view:

NDP Leader Jack Layton said he fears that proponents of Canada's participation in the U.S.-led missile defence shield may use the reported test to bolster their point of view.

“No doubt those who believe that increasing our armament capacity to shoot bullets out of the air with other bullets — something that's not proven to work but can be pressed forward as a response in kind, as it were — will use that kind of logic and/or argument,” Mr. Layton said. “I would say that it's dangerous and illogical and it will take us toward further escalation and not reduced escalation.”

Let's get this straight:

  1. Canada shouldn't have a missile defence system since it doesn't work well and it might lead to "escalation";
  2. A Stalinist regime tests a nuke;
  3. Thus, showcasing the fact that this member of the Axis of Evil has no regard for Canadian meekness--the North Korean regime will produce nukes regardless of whether Canada has a missile defence system or not;
  4. Ergo, the Canadian response should not be to improve its defence system because...that will lead to "escalation".

Instead of allocating more money for missile defence--so that with better technology and expertise the system is made better--Layton is stuck on the same old talking points even when he's been proven wrong by a freakin' nuke!

Unfortunately, in the same article, someone challenges Layton for the Canadian Bonehead crown.

Keith Martin, the Liberal foreign-affairs critic, said it is time to negotiate with Mr. Kim, even if he is both unstable and unpredictable.

Oh. My. God.

One only has to look at recent history (the last decade!) to see how the American-North Korean negotiations panned out. Can't Keith Martin see and understand that a totalitarian, "unstable", "unpredictable", and cruel regime has no qualms about lying?

That's not merely hypothetical because these hideous people lied all during the 90s! What the hell is the point of negotiations, then?


Correct Strategery

Joe Katzman on North Korea:

So the day has likely come, as it inevitably had to. And with it comes the question: "Now what?"

And my first answer is: Forget North Korea. No proposal involving their government, from idiotic talk of sanctions (what, we're going to cut Kim out of the movie remake?) to even dumber and more craven responses around "rewards" (read: appeasement and a license to keep cheating) is worth even 10 seconds of your time. Search and boarding activities for ships from North Korea may be helpful, and preparations for that have been underway for a while, but ultimately this doesn't solve the problem and raises risks whenever used.

If you want to fix the problem, you have to see and understand the lever.

Read the whole thing.

North Korea Goes Nuclear


North Korea has conducted a nuclear test, Yonhap News Agency reported, citing a South Korean government official.

'There was intelligence that North Korea launched a nuclear test this morning,' the official said, adding that the information was being processed.

Sydney Morning Herald:

"The nuclear test is a historic event that brought happiness to our military and people,'' KCNA said.

Of all things, the North Koreans won't get happiness from this event.

More information at:

The Daily Telegraph quotes the Australian leader:

"I am advised that there is seismic confirmation that North Korea conducted a nuclear test earlier today," the Prime Minister told parliament.

"In those circumstances I would condemn, and I would assume I would have the unanimous agreement of the House in doing so, the test in the strongest possible terms."

Later on:

Analysts had said a test may trigger a regional nuclear arms race, and leave international non-proliferation efforts in tatters.

I wouldn't condemn Japan if she decided to go nuclear now.


Back then it was just one errant missile. Today we're talking about a nuclear weapon. A nation killer. A world killer. And it's in the hands of a man whose sanity is suspect and is worshipped as a god by an army of over one million.

Korea is simply too small of a theater to be playing with nuclear toys. You can bet your britches that the far east paradigm just shifted, big time. Let the arms race begin...

The Repercussions of Ramadan


Isaac, I've been meaning to ask you this about Ramadan "fasting." It strikes me that it is not fasting at all but a resetting of your eating clock, so that you are eating at night and not during the day. What the blazes does this prove?? I suspect that the origins are military.

At the basic level, the point of fasting is to feel for the poor; to understand how the downtrodden live every day. In a sense, it's solidarity through suffering.

I was taught in school that fasting is more than not eating. Muslims have to deprive themselves of vices during the month and especially during the day. For example, no smoking, zipping up the foul language and not being a jerk.

I never bought into this. In fact, I thought, and still think, that Ramadan creates bad incentives for Muslims.

1. Muslims generally behave well during Ramadan. The rest of the year, the gloves are off. It's like they've got a license to be an ass. The bloody well know that they are not behaving in a decent manner since in Ramadan they curtail their nasty habits.

I, however, was consistent. My behavior didn't change--I was a bad Muslim before, during, and after Ramadan every year.

2. Resetting the clock is quite right. In Ramadan, Muslims usually feast during the night. In addition, they often gobble up a huge breakfast before sunrise and then they go to bed. They wake up in the afternoon, offer their late prayers, and after a few's another feast. (Solidarity, my ass.)

3. In Arabia, at least, most Muslims gain weight during Ramadan. My dad told me about many cases of obese and diabetic Saudis being rushed to the hospitals during the holy month.

Note, there are people who truly fast such as those who work in offices or those who attend school. So, it's not a picnic for everyone. Though, the richest could certainly afford to take time off and 'reset their clock'--which defeats the whole "purpose" of Ramadan.

4. Muslims would often get their kids to start Ramadan at the youngest possible age. This horrified me. I have seen Muslim parents present their young, pre-teen, children and gush at the fact that they fast while attending a full day of school in atrocious temperatures.

Do realize that's no food and zero water during the whole day for such kids. My parents, fortunately, didn't deprive myself and my siblings during Ramadan. Even though, we had "lunch break" during school, no junk food was sold. So, it was nice to come back home to a meal.

"What the blazes does this prove?"

Most Muslims are mindless sheep.

"I suspect that the origins are military."

Perhaps to lull the enemy? It's possible.

Oh, and don't miss this. I like to call it The Ramadan Effect.

Refugee Case Update

Internet-folk have donated exactly $2,000 to me in less than a month. The total legal fees upto the hearing date are $2,500.

A month ago, I was anxious and depressed. Today, I have an excellent lawyer and my financial worries are gone.

You can also help by linking to this post (if you haven't already):

Fear and Loathing in The Land of the Pure

In the next two months, if you come across a story about Pakistan and its treatment of apostates or blasphemers, then I'd highly appreciate the link--you can leave a comment or email me.

Another thing: If you have a burning question that I could answer (considering my background), then don't be shy about asking. Though, it is very possible that you won't like my reply. An example is provided here.

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