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Neighbour Caitlin Dalton was taking out the rubbish about 7pm on Monday when she heard “loud, huge, terrifying screams” coming from the unit complex.

“She (the teenager) was yelling, ‘Help me, help me, they’re trying to kill me’,” Ms Dalton said. “Everybody heard the screams but we couldn’t work out which unit they were coming from. Then this girl emerged in the stairwell hysterical and crying.

”Her clothes had been ripped off, she was just in her underwear and she had quite severe scratches down her arm and across her back."

Read the whole horrific tail. Via LFG.



Call me paranoid, but from the article it sounds more like the mother was assisting the father, rather than trying to protect the daughter. According to the article, the girl yelled "THEY're trying to kill me", and both parents ended up getting stabbed. That wouldn't make much sense if the mother had been trying to protect the daughter, and if the father had been the one with the knife. Sounds more like they both attacked her, she grabbed a knife and turned the tables on them.

Isaac Schrödinger

It does sound like that. How utterly monstrous. The girl must have been in mental turmoil for months because of her thoughts and beliefs. Now, she has to live with the fact that the two people who loved her the most tried to kill her.


I guess people like you who call themselves ex-Muslims are the ones Muslims refer to when they talk about execution... you just join and leave then spread lies and sh!t everywhere! Just shut up and take care of your own business. Stop attacking Muslims you spiteful person.


Hmm mother and father are trying to kill the daughter then how come everyone manages to get stabbed but the intended target? The parents must be the worst stabbers in the world.

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