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Redneck's Revenge:

Muslims For A Safe America conducted a survey at the Islamic Society of North America’s 43rd Annual Convention in Chicago from September 1, 2006 to September 4, 2006.

307 Muslims who are American citizens participated in the survey at the Muslims For A Safe America booth at ISNA.

Read the response to question #5.

I wonder what the numbers would be like if Muslims in Canada answered this one:

10. The Canadian government says it stopped a plot by Canadian Muslims in June 2006 to attack targets in Canada. Do you believe there was a real plot by Muslims?
YES 61
NO 202

Link via this comment at IBA.




They should have asked "Has any Muslim anywhere ever done anything wrong?"

Reading through that list I get the idea the answer would be something along the lines of:

NO 279

Isaac Schrödinger

That's the core problem with that mainstream "thought" process: Muslims can do no wrong. Ergo, the accusations are all false and malicious.

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