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Why do you think they want to slow the internet down? I don't understand what advantage that will give them. The only thing I can think that it will accomplish is that citizens will not have the same access to video. Do you think that's the intent?

Isaac Schrödinger

The imams in Saudi Arabia wanted to ban satellite dishes in the early 90s but business in the end prevailed--Baywatch was a huge hit in the land of the burqa.

For the religious fanatics, it's all about keeping the infidel filth away from the eyes of the Muslims. For the regime, the objective is to control information--audio, video, or text.

In this case, the Iranian thugs have limited the bandwidth speeds. It seems to be a compromise between religion and business.

In a oppressive society, a person with connections can make tons of money by offering phone, tv, and Internet service. The regime couldn't possibly ban the Internet, so they merely retarded it. The regime has basically increased the cost+time of using bandwidth.

Likely effect: Iranians buy more individual Internet connections (and set them up together) while cursing the Mullahs.

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