The Forecast is Not Good
Ignorance is the Root

Hatred For the Other


When reading through Islamist propoganda for their internal use, one thing becomes clear: the Islamists are not anti-Zionists or anti-Israel, they are anti-Jews. In all of the Islamist books I have been reading in Urdu, not once has Zionism been mentioned. Israel has been mentioned a few times, but the bulk of remarks against Jews have been explicitly against Jews (Urdu: singular: یہودی, yahūdī; plural: یہودیاں, yahūdiyāN).


In the Islamist mindset, the infidels have their place: at the feet of Muslims and under Muslim rulers. For infidels to rule over Muslims or exercise any influence over Muslims is seen as rebellion against God and a perversion of how things ought to be.

What a truly noxious mindset; ironic that Islam itself condemns the Islamist to a morally and materially poor state. Instead of understanding (or not denying) this folly, the Islamist wishes to convert or kill the superior infidel.

This is precisely why the West has little choice but to fight.


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