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Canadian Idiots

Globe and Mail:

“This irresponsible and dangerous act seriously undermines both regional peace and stability, and global efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons,” Mr. Harper said in a statement released by his office.

Jack Layton can always be counted on for the asinine view:

NDP Leader Jack Layton said he fears that proponents of Canada's participation in the U.S.-led missile defence shield may use the reported test to bolster their point of view.

“No doubt those who believe that increasing our armament capacity to shoot bullets out of the air with other bullets — something that's not proven to work but can be pressed forward as a response in kind, as it were — will use that kind of logic and/or argument,” Mr. Layton said. “I would say that it's dangerous and illogical and it will take us toward further escalation and not reduced escalation.”

Let's get this straight:

  1. Canada shouldn't have a missile defence system since it doesn't work well and it might lead to "escalation";
  2. A Stalinist regime tests a nuke;
  3. Thus, showcasing the fact that this member of the Axis of Evil has no regard for Canadian meekness--the North Korean regime will produce nukes regardless of whether Canada has a missile defence system or not;
  4. Ergo, the Canadian response should not be to improve its defence system because...that will lead to "escalation".

Instead of allocating more money for missile defence--so that with better technology and expertise the system is made better--Layton is stuck on the same old talking points even when he's been proven wrong by a freakin' nuke!

Unfortunately, in the same article, someone challenges Layton for the Canadian Bonehead crown.

Keith Martin, the Liberal foreign-affairs critic, said it is time to negotiate with Mr. Kim, even if he is both unstable and unpredictable.

Oh. My. God.

One only has to look at recent history (the last decade!) to see how the American-North Korean negotiations panned out. Can't Keith Martin see and understand that a totalitarian, "unstable", "unpredictable", and cruel regime has no qualms about lying?

That's not merely hypothetical because these hideous people lied all during the 90s! What the hell is the point of negotiations, then?




What's the point? Well, it makes the feel better, makes them feel useful, and, when there's North Korean nukes dropping out of North American skies, they can always say "well it's not our fault! we tried everything!".

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