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Car-B-Q Season: Fall 2006

A Symbol of Submission

Evariste comments on the Islamic bag dress for Muslim women:

[...] An implicit pact of the co-religionists against the outsiders. Muslim women who wear the veil are saying to the Muslim male: "Rape her, instead of me-you and I are alike, but she's only an infidel". It's in essence a criminal conspiracy carried out in broad daylight.



The Jut

Interesting point of view. If that could be argued effectively, it might be possible to get veil outlawed completely. Then again, convincing a majority of the politicians might be a problem. It would have to be a court decision, if it was to happen.


Exactly. Not for nothing has it been call the 'rape someone else scarf'.


An interesting defense on the Sheiks part. I wonder how he'd react if it were used to defend a hate crime?

"Well, yeah, we fire-bombed your mosque. But if Muslims hadn't come to Australia we wouldn't have been incited to do it in the first place! If a Pig builds it's house in the middle of a bunch of wolves, whose fault is it when the Pig gets eaten? Obviously it's all your fault."

Isaac Schrödinger

Alex, good point.

The burqa diminishes both genders: the women into meat and the men into savages.

It's amazing to me that hordes of Muslim men who repeatedly hear such drivel from imams don't realize just how much their humanity is being insulted.

At least the West can openly see, and recoil from, this insane mindset.


Here's an update for you Isaac:

Seems his daughter thinks we're being unfair to her poor pappy.

Isaac Schrödinger

Oh my God! A talking piece of meat!

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