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Bill Roggio:

Just two days after Faqir Mohammed held a tribal meeting in Bajaur to express support for the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and vowed to fight the West, the Pakistani government conducted a major strike against a madrassa being used as a terror training camp.

It gets interesting:

While the Pakistanis are taking credit for this strike, the question arises as to whether this may have been conducted by Task Force 145, the U.S. special operations terrorist hunter-killer teams. Task Force 145 was responsible for the April raid in Danda Saidgai on the al-Qaeda's training camp for Osama bin Laden's Black Guard, his elite praetorian guard. Pakistan initially took credit for the Danda Saidgai strikes, but the Washington Post later revealed this was indeed a U.S. mission.


Another question is what is the motivation for the strike?

Read the post to find out.

Pakistan is a messed up country: In almost sixty years, not a single democratic government has finished its term peacefully and transferred power to another popular party; currently a general is in charge; the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan has been (and likely still is) chummy with the Taliban; the ISI continues to cause trouble for India in Kashmir and had a hand in the Mumbai blasts earlier this year.

Oh, not to mention that Al Qaeda has many fans in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). The Pakistani military, assuming its sincere about catching terrorists, can't function in the NWFP because many of the local military men refuse to fight against their "brothers".

Many Pakistanis consider the folks in the NWFP to be a little crazy. (Where else can you buy hashish and AK-47s within a few feet of each other?) But the Pakistanis are not really motivated in capturing, fighting or killing the Islamists since they mainly cause trouble outside the nation (Afghanistan, Kashmir, and India).

It sucks to have Pakistan as a neighbor.



Terorists really just have to be shot. Don't bother taliking to them. They just destroy the apartment and play little get even games with the water and toilet and anything that you own.

Really, don't talk, just shoot.

Vishnu Vyas
It sucks to have Pakistan as a neighbor.

Tell me about it.. If pakistan would just stop this stupid terrorism initative and start working on things like getting their irrigation system right, better education etc.. etc.. The sub continent could have been a great place in the past 50 years. guess being a desi (indian one at that..) inspite of the anger against pakistan.. I guess you can't feel a sense of pity for them..

Vishnu Vyas

the last line is supposed to read you can't help but feel a sense of pity for them..

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