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Many Britons have praised Straw for bringing up a delicate issue in a reasonable way. But Fareena Alam, editor of Q-News, a Muslim magazine, said she believed that Straw's comments were a cynical attempt to boost his own political fortunes and that his calls for debate were "complete rubbish, irritating and patronizing." She said the controversy had driven more Muslim women to start wearing the niqab in "rebellion."

That has to be the lamest rebellion in history.

Alam said the situation has stifled serious and nuanced debate about the issue, as Muslims who believe that their religion is under attack from outsiders instinctively side with Muslim women who wear veils. She said she recently talked to two traditional Islamic scholars who said the full-face veil was "out of place in the West" and a "barrier to integration."


"They are not saying anything different from Jack Straw," said Alam, who does not wear a niqab. "But it has to come from the right place. What Jack Straw said really rubbed people the wrong way. They are saying, 'I'm going to wear this because you don't want me to.' "

Yes, these Muslims have the mentality of a 5-year-old. The fact that a kaafir was correct in pointing out a retrograde Islamic practice is besides the point. You see, his intentions were malicious. (Little known fact: Muslims have psychic abilities.)

By the way, see this page if you don't get the title.



Oh, thank you for enlightening us with that little known fact. Very important to know!

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