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Banned in Saudi Arabia

What The Blogosphere Has Wrought

The Big Pharaoh via The Belmont Club:

I accidentally bumped into this blog yesterday. The Land of Sands describes himself as "an underground writer from the Arabian lands of sands." He is in the United Arab Emirates (where Dubai is) and is obviously an atheist. His blog introduction says: In the land of sand lives millions of people whose brains were programmed by fixed standards  that define the course of their thinking. They dig in the sands trying to find truth which is shinning over their heads, exactly like the Arabian desert burning sun. Wake up. They are lying at you.

Interesting. First we had an Egyptian lesbian blogger, then a young Egyptian girl (or hottie as she calls herself) talking about what she intimately does with her boyfriend, then we're having an atheist blogger from the Emirates. This blogging thing is amazing. It's a revolution. These people would have never found another way to voice their opinions. Here you have 3 different people talking about 3 completely different thing yet they are common in one thing: they couldn't say in public what they post on their blogs. They would become toast if they did.

So very true.


Elliot Essman

How true. Individuality will always find a path of expression, despite repression, or worse, programming.

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