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The Haraam Café?

Shaykh Muhammad al-Ya'qoubi of Damascus answers questions from inquiring Muslims here. One of the questions is about opening a café?

The answer is priceless:

Opening a café in is forbidden due to what accompanies it and to what it entails. A café is a place where people buy coffee and sit to drink it. In the West, cafés are places of mixed genders where men and women [those whores!] sit at the same table. Often, lovers would sit together and God knows what they would be wearing and what they would be doing in that romantic place.

My guess: Drinking coffee and chatting.

If the café is for one gender, e.g. men, then the problem is worse. Do you think that you can open such a place, and make halal business and gain halal income from hosting lovers and offering the half naked people a shelter?

Oh no! Not the half naked people! Allah have mercy!

I hope that you do not say that I want to make a halal café; as this in our time looks like carpeting the ocean. Do not think that opening a café for Muslims will make it halal, as a café is a usual place for gossip, where, men would sit by the sidewalk watching women by-passers, where men would sit to play card, or backgammon both of which are forbidden and often the café owner provides the cards and the tables.

I didn't know that Allah / Muhammed hated Canasta.

This is the type of low-level idiocy that the Islamic world deals with every day: A freakin' café opens the path to hell.



If the café is for one gender, e.g. men, then the problem is worse.

And then he goes on ranting against half-naked people. In this case, is he upset about half-naked men? Oh dear. They might become gay! The horrors! (Of course, the honorable imam may be projecting his own predilections, eh?)

I know a few people - men even - who wouldn't mind a cafe for men only with half-naked men. Fleischmarkt.

Isaac Schrödinger

"Of course, the honorable imam may be projecting his own predilections, eh?"


Papa Ray

Something terrible must have happened to that Imam in a cafe. That is the only explanation that I can see. Allah couldn't be against cafes,

Could he?

Papa Ray
P.S. Thanks for your blog, just discovered it from a link at Old War Dog's.

Papa Ray
West Texas

D. Ox

Congratulations on your realizations. I hope your leaving Islam has not left you in the lurch, spiritually and intellectually, however! While poking fun at Islam and revealing its errors and hideous dimensions is an important job, and one that you have a special calling to do, by all means don't stop seeking the truth about man and God.

Best wishes,
D. Ox

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