You said it. Is there anything that *doesn't* get Muslims upset? Let's see.
1. Israel's existence
2. The Jews-past, present & future.
3. Cartoons in inoffensive Scandinavian countries.
4. Puppies
5. Kittens
6. Women driving
7. Speeches by Popes.

What else? The sunrise? The sunset?


LOL, echo!

Isaac Schrödinger

echo: You've touched upon the "logic" of the fundamental Muslim: All the things that Muhammed did and talked positively about are allowed in Islam. Everything else is haraam / imitating the infidel.

This is opposite to the way the West functions. For example, a few things are not allowed: murder, theft, trespassing etc. Everything else is open game.

So, there really can't be any compromise between these two worldviews.


I thought Big Mo loved the kitties.


I thought Big Mo loved the kitties.


I think you meant to say Bog Mo loved little pussy.



D. Ox

What's hilarious is how adroit these goons are at catering to western media appetites--one filthy hand dirties the other!


I agree with everything folks have commented here, along with the original post.

I hate it when that happens.

At least let me say to Echo, hey! you stole my line!

And second, I dubbed that dude in the photo, Ahmed Angerpuss (inspired by Callimachus calling him Ahmed Anger), I think you need to add the puss to anger, just to imply the inherent ridiculousness in his anger, and the pussified, impotent, dickless nature of his rage.

That anyone would look at these folks and worry about 'root causes' troubles me more than these crazies do.


Another blogger comments at length on the same image.


I didn't steal anybody's anything. Great minds think alike.

I realize this is off-topic, but I thought Isaac you'd enjoy this: laughout loud funny.

They served the dog a Shabbat meal:,7340,L-3305192,00.html

I guess in Saudi they would have just beheaded the dog.

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