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Refugee Case Update

1. I met and talked to a lawyer about my refugee case. This lawyer will represent me in the hearing in early 2007.

2. The total lawyer fees upto the hearing date? $2,500 Canadian.

3. Total amount donated since September 10, 2006? $1,493 Canadian. I can only offer small words: Thank you all.

4. I'll publish the big essay next Monday. That will be the post of the year. I'll also send it to FFI and Western Resistance and I'll post excerpts on Liberty and Justice and IBA.

5. I've made a new category: Schrödinger's Case. If you wish to read exclusively about the progress of my refugee case, then just click on that in the sidebar.

6. Sorry for the depleted blogging over the past 10 days. I'll make up for it.



Glad to hear things are moving along. I wish you the best. When you post your big story I'll feature it in a post on my site. No need to apologize for slacking off, we all know you have other things to worry about. (-;


So far, so good - let's hope!


Good luck, Isaac.

One question about the layout on your blog: is it just me or does the following line appear very small?

"Posted by Isaac Schrödinger at 08:03 PM in Life, Schrödinger's Case | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)"

Is there a way to enlarge it so as to make it easier on the eyes?

Isaac Schrödinger

Sober: If I make that text larger, then often it breaks up into two lines because of its length and it looks quite ugly that way.

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