Slavery in the Middle East
Pope Says It Like It Is

Oriana Fallaci (1930-2006)

Western Resistance:

Today, the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci lost her battle against cancer, DPA reports. Aged 77, she died in hospital in her home town of Florence.

Charles Johnson:

We’ve lost a powerful voice in the battle against Islamic supremacism.

Pajamas Media: In Memoriam (via Instapundit).

Michael Ledeen:

She was a freedom fighter to her core, having descended from a proud line of such people. She had an anarchist grandfather and an anti-fascist father (once scheduled for execution) and a mother tough as nails. Oriana ran secret missions for the anti-fascist resistance inTuscany, while still a teenager. I have no doubt that she spent her entire adult life carrying out a very well defined mission to prove herself worthy of her name. She certainly succeeded. She was one of the all-time great nonconformists, she fought tyranny wherever she saw it and she challenged evil, especially in the hands of hypocrites, as soon as she detected its rotten odor.


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