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Umar Lee:

I am not a fan of the regime in Iran, and this is mainly due to its persecution of the Sunnis; but I am steadfastly opposed to a US attack on Iran because Iran, even with nuclear weapons, poses no threat to the US. If Iran would pose a threat to anyone, it would be Israel, and therefore if that is the case then Israel should deal with its problem as a sobering state and not rely on the US.

Indeed. The Iranian thug-in-chief can repeatedly call for the obliteration of the Jewish state and then go forward with his nuclear weapons program but the Amerikkkans shouldn't side with Israel.

Because that would be just wrong.

Far from being hateful towards the America people and saying we are all bad, as someone I spoke too today said, Chavez aimed is speech towards the America people and tried to educate us about the threat that is emanating from our soil and is the greatest threat to the world at this time- even greater than the cultural decay of Europe of Islamic radicalism. He even suggested we read a book by Noam Chomsky and today he gave a speech in Harlem to promote his low-cost heating oil to the poor program, which he is looking to expand. Are the Republicans offering low-cost heating oil? Or are they in the back room counting the dough with the CEO’s of the big energy corporations?

It doesn't matter if the Republicans don't profess their love for terrorists, don't press for political domination in nearby nations or don't pilfer land for whatever purpose they desire.

What matters is low-cost heating oil! Chavez offers it, and the greedy capitalist whores called the Republicans don't. (Why and how a nation with a per capita income of $6,100 is offering Americans oil at a loss is irrelevant.)



The irony of the heating oil offer is that the crude oil from which that product was refined was likely discovered, drilled, and developed by Americans using American technology and know-how, at a cost of billions of dollars, prior to the ongoing nationalization of those operations.

Chuck the Lucky

"the threat that is emanating from our soil"

Don't forget about the threat that is emanating from Venezuelan soil.

The only thing that is sadder than HC's effect on his illiterate people is his effect on North America's literate people.

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