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Kneel Before Allah!

Damian Penny nails it in this post:

This isn't about getting the Pope to realize he was wrong, or to realize he hurt Muslims' feelings. It's about making the world's most prominent Christian leader appear subservient to Islam.

They want him to grovel, so that they can show the Ummah just how meek the Christian world really is. These clowns take the sorry Western desire to be liked as a sure sign of weakness.


Vishnu Vyas

I just did a careful reading of the pope's speech.. and in that he condemns people like atheists and the like more than he does islam. Its a really dense theological argument between the compatibility of faith and reason.

Its sad that people don't even bother to read the speech. sigh.. time to go and make my pope effigy..

Chuck the Lucky

"sigh.. time to go and make my pope effigy.."

Just pull a white gym sock over a garden gnome, cut out a hole for the face and you're done.

This whole demand that the Pope convert to Islam has ruined one of humanities most emphatic means of saying yes. If someone asks me if I would like a beer I can no longer say "Is the Pope Catholic?" because they would have to check the news to find out.

Beyond the irony of the anti-Pope rage and violence, there is the unseemliness of caring so extremely what some little old German dude thinks of your religion.

Vishnu Vyas
"This whole demand that the Pope convert to Islam has ruined one of humanities most emphatic means of saying yes"

Damn those Islamists.. Not only are they after life, liberty and property but also after our snarky quips.

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