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My Journey After 9/11

Khatami Offers A Void

An excerpt from Khatami's lecture:

[...] the Orient and specifically the Islamic Orient, can fill the enormous void of spirituality and estrangement from the truth of existence, which today is the great affliction of our world, by reliance upon its moral heritage and transcendental wisdom and by the avoidance of ostentation and superficiality.

Moral heritage and transcendental wisdom? I somehow totally missed that in over a decade in Saudi Arabia.

Charles Johnson:

The West, you see, suffers from an over-reliance on reason, and only Islam can save the world.

But, of course. There's an ugly beauty in that tactic. Khatami doesn't dare take on the granite foundations of Western Civilization--he only talks about the vague spiritual emptiness of the West. It makes his offer seem deceptively soft and harmless.



If he thinks we have an over-reliance on reason, he needs to hear some of the liberal Christians I know. No problem with reason there, none at all.
: )


He must also not have seen all the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, holocaust revisionists, pearl-harbour-was-an-inside-job iditios, JFK assasination perverters, and Apollo deniers.

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