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Cat in a Box

Coming Up on Monday

I've divided up the massive post into four parts:

  1. Isaac Schrödinger: An Apostate and Blasphemer.
  2. Blasphemy Law and Islamic Opinion on Apostates in Pakistan.
  3. Persecution of Blasphemers in Pakistan by the State and the Society.
  4. Concluding Remarks.

The whole thing clocks in at 4300 words and I'm still not finished. The third part is gruesome and morbid; I shivered while writing portions of that.

I'll also send the post (or rather the Word document file) to my lawyer.



Congratulations. Get any portion of this (esp. Pt. 3) to appear in any MSM (esp. print publication), or quoted by a big blog journalist (like Malkin or Schlussel), and it should be submittable as a document or exhibit on your behalf.

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