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Coca Cola and Pepsi Should Apologize to Muslims

Just look at what the mofos at Coke did:

No Hate for Allah

Utterly disgraceful: They forgot to fit in "No Allah."

Pepsi is far worse. Observe:

Sly Bastard

It looks so innocent...till one finds out that PEPSI stands for Pinch Every Penny to Save Israel! (The founder of Pepsi was a sly bastard for coming up with that name in 1898.) In addition, the logo is so anti-Islamically tweakable.

Muslims deserve an apology and, for some reason, the Christians in Pakistan should comment on this matter as well.



This plot thickens at Christmas. There is Santa’s name and picture on every Coke bottle. Well, if you rearrange the letters in SANTA, what do you get?

*Cue Twilight Zone Theme*


Damn. I just checked the label of Aunt Jemima's Pancake Syrup. If you fold it diagonally twice over, and look at it from an angle of 34.5 degrees with night vision goggles from 15 feet away, what do you see?

I'm not going to tell you what I saw but let's just say she is a very naughty lady.

Isaac Schrödinger

For that, the shaytans at Coca Cola will be roasted in hell-fire!

As for Aunt Jemima...whoredom comes naturally to those who don't wear a burqa.


Interesting... I knew there must be a reason I love Coke so much!

Chuck the Lucky

I was unfamiliar with this spelling of the city in Saudi Arabia. I thought Coke was denying this fellow:


Assistant Village Idiot

And there were NO COKE CANS found in the rubble of the Twin Towers! Wow. It's all adding up for me now.

Too Funny



You are a fucking nut.... You see what you want,

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I have further fuel for the imminent Cola Jihad. While Pepsi dutifully sided with the Arab League in its boycott of Israel, Coca Cola built its largest Middle Eastern bottling plant righ.

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