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Forever Scarred

Bucking for Dhimmitude

The Star Tribune:

When flight attendant Eva Buzek returned to Minneapolis from a trip to France, five taxi drivers refused to take her home from the airport. The reason? She had two bottles of wine in her suitcase -- and the drivers were Muslims, who don't drink and refuse to have alcohol in their taxis.

Later, we get this gem:

"It's become a significant customer-service issue," said Patrick Hogan, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, on Thursday.

Gee, ya think?

Now the airports commission has a solution: color-coding the lights on the taxi roofs to indicate whether a driver will accept a booze-toting fare.

What next?

  • Color-coding to indicate whether a driver will accept customers who have a bacon-laced sandwich? That's haraam, you know.
  • Color-coding to indicate whether a driver will accept female customers who're not "morally" dressed? Some of these whores women have minimal clothing. That's distressing for Muslims.
  • Color-coding to indicate whether a driver will accept Jews? Those bastards have been conspiring against Islam since 666 AD.
  • Color-coding to indicate whether a driver will accept infidels? They refuse to see The TruthTM. Screw 'em.

A flight attendant says:

"I came to this country and I didn't expect anybody to adjust to my needs," she said. "I don't want to impose my beliefs on anyone else. That's why I'm in this country, because of the freedom.

"What's going to be next? ... Do I have to cover my head?"

"Well, yes. In time." So says, Tim Blair.

The Big Pharaoh:

Now, I live in a Muslim dominated country, we have airports, cabbies, duty free shops that sell alcohol, yet such a thing never ever happened before.

You know you're in trouble when the land of the Muslim Brotherhood is less anal about alcohol than your place.

I don't know the reason behind this radicalization of some Muslims in the West. Does it have to do with the feeling that they consider themselves in an "alien environment" and so tend to hang on to their religion tighter resulting in stupid things like the example above? Or they might be afraid lest their faith gets weakened in "sin infested" America? And if they are afraid their faith or their devotion to their religion will get weaker, why the hell did they go to Minneapolis in the first place?

Good question.



Hey muslims dont do that all the time, yeah it may have happened ONCE or something but why do you pick out all these details about muslims when christians have done such wrong things. INFACT all faiths have! so dont go accusing muslims!

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