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Woohoo! You'll have to tell us all about it! Congratulations!

The Jut

Sounds good.



You might inquire about what documentation and evidence s/he utilizes from "human rights" organizations, NGOs, etc. Does s/he have contacts with any organizations' represetnatives in your city or region? What use if any does the firm make of investigators, expert testimony, etc? See whether s/he responds respectfully and knowledgeably.

Have you made another apppointment with a different lawyer before this appointment? This can help in not feeling dependent on any one individual.

You might arrive 10 minutes or so early, so you can form impressions on your own of how his/her office is run before anyone starts chatting you up. (E.g., The floor of the office I once worked in was covered wall-to-wall in Oriental carpets - from several grateful former clients from Iran.)

Lay aside thoughts of fees, rates, and billing & payment until the end: focus entirely on his/her ability to represent. It's probably best not to retain a lawyer during your first meeting with him/her.

If you've already considered these aspects (or if they're just plain annoying) please ignore them. I had to hire lawyers once a long time ago. My situation made it difficult to stay focused at all times on my own best interests. I will never fall into such a situation again.

Power to you.

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