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I think you're putting your finger on a consequence of patronizing Western racism: the assumption that the threats are not real or not really dangerous, that they're just "the little people mouthing off," not to be taken at face value, etc.

Isaac Schrödinger

Another problem is that a lot of gullible people will think, "Oh, if only the Pope had not been so insensitive, the poor Muslims would not have had a meltdown."

The reality is that these people will use any excuse, regardless of whether it's real or imagined, to continue with their set-in-stone evil plans.

I'm amazed at how so many Westerners miss this simple truth.

The Jut

Well, the pope was quite insensitive pointing out such a obvious truth. That violence in the name of religion is wrong that is. I mean, the other thing was just a quote from a centuries old book. If that was wrong, I'm sure imams would have been issuing apologies after friday prayers for years. Right?

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