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IT'S A WIDESPREAD MYTH that the Bush Administration "squandered the world's goodwill" after 9/11. Anne Applebaum reminds us that it wasn't that way.

Quite right. There are a few who puff up this mythical goodwill for a political reason: They can blame President Bush for squandering that goodwill by waging his "war of choice" in Iraq.

Slightly Off-topic: If you haven't read Anne Applebaum's The Gulag, then you should give it a try. It's a harrowing account of Soviet / Russian cruelty and it underscores the point of getting history right.



Yes, AA's Gulag is well worth reading.


There is a lot of Anti-Americanism in Europe, but let's not exaggerate it.
If there was a lack of solidarity, why did NATO invoke Article V for the first time and why is Sarah Kreps, who worked in the Air Force from 1999-2003, holding a roundtable discussion at the American Institute of Contemporary German Studies today to discuss this question: "With overwhelming levels of international support, and numerous offers for operational assistance, why did the U.S. undertake the Afghanistan intervention almost entirely unilaterally?"

Don't forget Applebaum also said "While not entirely incorrect, the notion that President Bush has wasted international post-9/11 sympathy is not entirely accurate either." So it is complicated and ambigious and tried to address that in
To Defeat the Beast, Don't Feed the Beast, which is a quote from Germany's ex-Foreign Minister Fischer, who is now teaching at Princeton. He does not blame America for terrorism, but for making the conflicts worse due to policy mistakes. I think we can all agree that Europe and the United States need to increase all their efforts in the war on terrorism and have to choose the right and hard and painful rather than the wrong and easy and appeasing way to deal with the threats.

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