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Hezballah tactics in Lebanon:

"We begged them to leave," the girl said, declining to be named because she feared retribution from Hezbollah. "We told them, 'Get out! We have children here. We don't want anybody to get hurt.' But they ignored us."

Wassim Abdallah, a 24-year-old who was in Beirut during the fighting, said Hezbollah fighters did not hurt anyone, but that one burst into his aunt's home. "She pleaded for him to go away, but he put a gun to her head and told her to shut up," he said.

Another detail:

"Nobody knew they were using our houses to store weapons. We were surprised to find them" after the war, Wassim said. "How could they keep weapons in the middle of all these civilian houses?"

Link via The Big Pharaoh.


Hurricane Ernesto

My plan to kick off Muslins of the West:

As in "Miami Vice" way, we could play fake roles as 'terror leaders conspirators' visiting every Muslim family in West; and in private, invitate them to 'do the Jihad' - blowing up themselves, shooting the crowds on streets, poisoning waters, etc, in order to 'exterminate all the infidel population very tomorrow'.

All the Muslins who don't call Police and keep secret about our 'Jihad conspiracy' would be arrested and expatriated.

Simple, doesn't it?

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