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Tasting Fear

"Man-on-the-street conversations about islam" in Canada:

Thinking I'd have time later to explore the theology behind a potentially ecumenical muslim, I get back to the other question that haunts me about our current war against islam.

"Are there many others like you, within islam, that are ashamed of the evil being done in the name of your faith? Is there a group, a formal organization, trying to reclaim the true islam from the fanatics that are speaking and acting in its name?"

Can you guess the answer?

I understand the fear. I haven't used my real name here for the simple reason that were I to be deported, my end would be certain.

I could taste the fear when I went back to Saudi Arabia in 2002 and 2003. No-one knew that I was an apostate at the time, still I couldn't help but feel awfully sick. It really made me appreciate the dignity in freedom.

Sadly, that freedom is being suffocated in the West in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness. (Thou shall not speak ill of Islam.)



Isaac, thank you for linking to my piece.
I rarely warm up to strangers, so my spontaneous chat with this gentle man on the bus was uncharacteristic of me. There was just something about him, a genuine kindness, that made it easy to engage him. And made the result of our talk so much more tragic. And infuriating; as you say, freedom is suffocated here in the west, sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.
It enrages me that such a seemingly nice guy has to go around living in fear, in my "peace-loving" country. The fear that grips this gentle person shames Canada, and blows a huge hole in our facade of self-righteousness.


I dont understand why would you think you will be killed in pakistan if you were to be deported? You were born a murtaad in pakistan. Being an Ahmadia is no better than than what you are now so why bother?
And somehow i dont believe your Ahamadia brothers will come after you for leaving ahmadia believes because all the Ahamadias I have talked to have been big supporters of freedom of religion unless ofcourse they are also decieving like CAIR folks.

Isaac Schrödinger

Charles Henry: "Isaac, thank you for linking to my piece."

You're welcome.

Kafir: "I dont understand why would you think you will be killed in pakistan if you were to be deported?"

Well, there's a crucial piece to that statement that I left out: If I were to be deported and were I to be honest about what I think in Pakistan, then I'd be toast.

Imagine living in a Islamic country and lying every day of your life. What would one answer to these questions:

1. What's your religion? (Passport application, for example.)

2. Why don't you go to the mosque for prayers, ever?

3. So, did you fast for all the days of Ramadan?

4. Hey, you lived in America...what do you think about that evil beast? (Inane political conversations always pop up. The sane thing to do would be to smile and nod like an idiot. All the time....Yup, the Jews deserve only death.)

5. Why don't you want to marry your Muslim cousin?

6. Why are you against your sister marrying your cousin?

The only way an apostate can live is to lie about such matters.


I hope to God you would never have to face being deported.

If something like that comes up - and I'm sure you'd mention it on your blog - I'd do everything I could to make sure you could find refuge in The United States.

In some ways, I'm in the same boat. Except your blog is so much cooler. When I go there, I keep my mouth shut. But I'm there rarely anyway: being stiffled permanently because one lives there is unacceptable to me. I could never accept it. Since I know all too well the contrast between freedom here and suppression there, it's my obligation to support your efforts to remain in the West.

You are a valuable resource for the West, Isaac. I want to keep you here.

Isaac Schrödinger

Muslihoon: Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your support.

"In some ways, I'm in the same boat. Except your blog is so much cooler."

Nah, I have yet to utilize Urdu in my blog!

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