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What the hell!? Pejman is blogging about cricket! That just goes to show just how serious this Inzi vs. Hair scandal has become.

The initial attention on the potential malfeasance of Inzamam-ul-Haq is entirely dissipated and focused instead on the attempted malfeasance of Darrell Hair.

Yup. That's what happens when one asks for a cool 500 Gs for "retirement." Andrew Miller put it quite well:

What on earth was he doing asking for a clandestine payment? Such non-disclosure clauses may be common practice in the corporate world, but the ICC is a body of nations, almost always in disagreement over one issue or another, and in this case, in disagreement over Hair himself. They are liable to file audited accounts; was Hair expecting the ICC executive to hide the money from the board? After the comments made by Shahrayar, did he expect Pakistan to sanction such a get-out?

That's the really odd part: Why would Hair think that his offer would remain secret from Pakistan?

My two previous posts on the matter:

  1. England vs. Pakistan Controversy
  2. Pakistani Cricket in Trouble

"There is only one way that the Pakistani team can lift its head high: Destroy England in the ODI series." The series starts on Wednesday and something tells me it's going to be sold-out.

The Surfer links to more opinions about Hair--all negative.



I don't see how Pakistan can hold their headup high over any of this business. They have conducted a racist withc hunt - there were two umpires on the field, but Billy Bostrove appears to have been overlooked, perhaps because he is black and it didn't fit the racist thesis - and it should be noted that they lied from day one, claiming the ball had been damaged when it was hit into the crowd... the only problem is that the sixes were hit after the ball had been changed.... perhaps because the untampered ball was easier to hit.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's true. Though, the numerous cameras didn't capture any ball tampering by the Pakistanis.

That's the main problem. It comes down to Inzi vs. Hair. As an umpire, Hair's word is final. But Inzi disputed (and went about it in the wrong manner) and ended up losing the match.

Now, it's an ugly mess.

I think Pakistan *can* get some respect by defeating England in the ODI series. It'll show the world that they win by skill and talent and not because of cheating. Though, Tests and ODIs are different games, but that's all they've got.

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