Turn On the Cold Water!
A Dark Pit

A Meeting With Fate

Last week I got a "Notice to Appear" from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. It stated:

TAKE NOTICE that you are requested to appear for the purpose of setting a date for your refugee claim and for the purpose of discussing the future processing of your claim, if necessary, at [...]

The meeting is set for next week. I already have goose bumps.



The Canucks would be lucky to have you! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Isaac Schrödinger


David Boxenhorn

Good luck!

And remember that Canada isn't the last safe place on Earth!

Isaac Schrödinger

Thanks. I'll remember that.


I'll pray for you.

Isaac Schrödinger

Thank you, Pastorius.

The Jut

Good luck!

Isaac Schrödinger

Thank you, Mr. Jut.


Good Luck Mr Isaac.

All the best


I can't see how Canadians would NOT think you be anything but a fine addition to their country, but good luck just the same.

Isaac Schrödinger

Thank you, Tres and AndyR.


Good luck, yaar! Keep us updated. We'll be rooting for you.

Now I'm getting nervous.

Isaac Schrödinger

Thanks, Muslihoon. I'll blog the results of the meeting soon after the event.

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