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Can't Blame Infidels

The Telegraph:

The word "microcephaly" comes from the Greek, "small head". But in Pakistan, such children are known as chuas or "rat people".

That's slightly incorrect. It is right that a rat is called a chooha in Urdu but the plural of it is choohay, not choohas (or chuas).

These days, most chuas are intinerant beggars. Travelling up and down the Grand Trunk Road, following a seasonal calender of religious festivals. Each chua is owned, or perhaps leased, by a minder, often a raffish, gypsy-like figure. The Chua-master looks after, and profits from, his chua rather as a peasant might a donkey; together, they may earn as much as 400 rupees per day, about £4. Most people I asked supposed that there are about 1,000 chuas in the Punjab, but no one really knows.

Read the whole thing and find out what causes the deformity.

Link via Islamic Evil.

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