A Self-inforced Boundary
Banned in Saudi Arabia?

A Silly Superpower


Cricket Australia has cancelled 1300 Ashes tickets after an investigation into internet auction sales.

Yes, if one resells the ticket online, the ticket becomes useless.

"Where people purchase tickets from a scalper at a premium, they're in breach of the terms and conditions," he said. "We will, where appropriate, cancel those tickets."

What exactly is the point of this condition? Why not have the tickets go to the highest bidder?

The tickets were only made available to Australian residents but thousands of English supporters used contacts in Australia to bypass the system.

Cricket Australia is making foolish rules and then wasting its resources by trying to enforce them. It should take the initiative and auction off the tickets to begin with and make money off the whole thing. It's not like that's evil. It would simply be meeting the market demand.


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