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Zero Loyalty

Celestial Junk has a devastating post directed at Lebanese-Canadians:

We in Canada are a stop of convenience, a safe haven to park their asses in times of strife. In the meantime, their beloved Lebanon is a haven for terrorists, a haven for radical Islamists, and a haven for Iranian and Syrian agents. Many Lebanese-Canadians live quite happily in Lebanon, thriving on its tourist industry and cottage industries, while ignoring the evil that permeates its politics. They are not willing to lift one little glutted finger to out the fascists that are destroying Lebanon, but they certainly are willing to criticize our Prime Minister for supporting another democracy.

A courageous lot, aren't they?

This has reminded me of a conversation I had with a Pakistani family in 2002. Here's a different one involving Canada from 2003.

For many, the West is truly a comfy hotel--nothing more.


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