Jews Can't Get a Break
AFM Seeking Wives



Hi Isaac,

I'm sure you are a good and kind person, but I think you can learn the good side of Islam too. I was born in Afghanistan and lived for 10 years in Iran, now I have residency in the UK. What I have learned from from 21 years of my life is simple to love humans and be positive. You know there are bad people out there but me and you can learn from them and look after each other as humans. I come from Muslim family but I love to have freedom and enjoy the life. But I also learned not to disrespects others freedom too. The time is now 12:40 AM here in the UK and this stupid fire alarm is buzzing it's stop now. OK. Any way don't be like some people are just interested for their owns rights but think as global as you can. And be a proud human. With best wishes from Ali.

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