The Hated Sect
The Aim is Victory

Strat Loving

Kabobfest is having a meltdown (When were they ever solid?):

This is the serious problem, the long lasting culture of hate. This is why israel will produce a generation after generation of war mongors, it will not end until the Israelis strat loving thier children more than they hate the Palestinians.

Writing messages for terrorists on artillery shells makes "war mongors" of kids.

I wonder what the following does to children:

Hezallah Nazi salute



They are just boy scouts pledging to "clean" the world.

Isaac Schrödinger

I'm sure they use this.


You read Kabobfest, so we don't have to.

They are such a waste. Of bandwidth, of time.

Isaac Schrödinger

Shira: It is fascinating to see just how consistently wrong an entire group blog can be. It's so bad that the Kababfestites get hammered in their own comments section.

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