Islamic Tolerance
Haq Does Wrong

Seattle Jewish Federation

A Pakistani-born Muslim went on a shooting rampage at the Jewish Federation in Seattle. Five women shot; one dead, three in critical condition. Updates at:


A witness said the gunman told staff members at the Jewish Federation: "I'm a Muslim American. I'm angry at Israel."

Right after that sentence, we get:

Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said detectives are investigating whether the shooting was random or religious- or culturally-motivated.

That should be pretty tough.



Simply amazing statement by the cop ... we sure don't want to offend anyone over a few dead people now do we?


Help me with something. I read on Jihadwatch that one "Nou Shalhoub", a top HA killer, um, official, was waxed.

Isn't Shalhoub an exclusively Christian family name in Lebanon? Or is it just a general Arab name that is used by all confessions?

Isaac Schrödinger

The only other Shalhoub I know of is Tony Shalhoub. (Though, his birth name is Anthony Marcus Shalhoub.) My guess would be that he's Christian.

As to whether Shalhoub is exclusively a Christian family name...I don't know.

Even if it's a Christian name, a few inter-faith marriages in Lebanon would have had the result of "spreading the name around." Given the proximity, and relative liberalism, of Muslims and Christians in Lebanon that is a likely outcome.

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