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No votes against Rudy G. I find that encouraging.

Isaac Schrödinger

The right-of-center blogs don't mind Rudy.

What remains to be seen is how he'll hold up after the savage attacks from the Republican candidates start airing.

I certainly prefer Rudy over the rest...a part of me wants to see an all-NY election: Rudy vs. Hillary in 2008! If Rudy can carry NY, then Hillary is toast.


Primaries can be brutal - but that's okay, general elections will be as bad or worse and its good to know what you're in for!

Rudy has some legit areas to attack - but my own opininion is that they are easily outweighed by all the postive he brings.

If I had to bet - my money would be on Hillary though. American's love firsts and opportunities to vote for "the first..." and people will, rightly or wrongly, be ready for a change from the Republicans.

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