Religion As Authority
It's So Not Fair

Reserved Might

The Big Pharaoh:

One of the most common things you will hear from our pundits these days is this: While using very primitive rockets and weapons, Hezbollah managed to confront one of the mightiest armies in the world  "Israel used everything in its arsenal, it has the best weapons in the world, yet it failed to stop the rockets from reaching its cities," they say.

Used everything in its arsenal!?

Now, why do I grin when I hear these statements coming from our pundits on TV or simply the average citizen on the street? I grin because I know that, unlike what they say or believe, Israel did not use its full arsenal to try to stop the rockets from reaching Haifa or Safed.


While reserving my anger at the stupid targets Israel unjustly hit so far, only God knows what will happen if it used its full arsenal.

It'll certainly be Biblical.


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