"The Side of Human Decency"
Reserved Might

Religion As Authority

Rezwan posts some predictable results from a survey: Most Muslims consider themselves Muslims first and citizens second.

This is one of the major differences between religious non-Muslims and Muslims. Non-Muslims consider their religion to be private. The outside world, the public sphere, is controlled by the government whether it be local, state or federal. The end result is numerous non-religious nations with different, and tolerant, policies.

Muslims, however, want a Sharia-based government. Period. All the other religions can survive if they bribe the collective Ummah pay a small tax. The conclusion is Islam as a global religion with nations, and other cooperative religions, within it.

In essence, for Muslims, Islam supersedes the filthy human-based governments and arbitrary nationalities. For some odd reason, many Westerners think that they've done something wrong to deserve such hostility and callous disrespect.

It's nothing personal, it's just Islam.


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