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Mr. Harper, Take Back the Jets!

The Calgary Sun:

Calgary Sunni Imam Alaa Elsayed, railing against the Harper government's pro-Israel stance last week, told the Sun: "We cannot accept the fact you give one side an F-16 and another side stones in their hands. Mr. Stephen Harper can still redeem himself."

The Canadian government gave the Israelis F-16s?

The Imam slipped a little bit--by "you" he meant the infidel world.

If Hezbollah hadn't kidnapped Israeli soldiers, if Israelis could go shopping without wondering if everybody wearing an overcoat was hiding a suicide bomb vest, if all their neighbours would just announce Israel has a right to exist and quit musing how much fun it would be to drive the Jews into the sea, maybe Israel's idea of public relations wouldn't begin and end with self-propelled artillery.

This is a crisis and a war of Hezbollah's making.

Correct. Thus, Prime Minister Harper needs no redemption.


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