What Peace Movements Achieve
The Depravity of Sharia

Charred Kabobs

Kabobfest opines on American sale of precision-guided bombs to Israel:

America will add to its hands Lebanese blood. The damage caused by this episode of Israeli/US aggression will be felt for generations. Even Lebanon, the westernized, moderate country was not spared the imperial wrath of the US-Israel alliance.

If Israel really wanted to kill large numbers of Lebanese citizens, then why is she buying precision-guided bombs? Israel could easily go all "proportionate" and lob fire indiscriminately into Lebanon.

Imperial wrath? Please. Israel left Lebanon in 2000 and pulled out of Gaza in 2005. Instead of the flowering of peace, Israel got attacked from exactly those two places. Israeli-controlled space in the Middle East has dwindled over the past three decades (remember the Sinai desert), yet somehow it's deemed an imperial power.


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