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Assad The Peacemaker?

The Italian Version:

At this point, I cannot help but notice the disconnect between the focus and information provided by Belmont Club (and other blogs) and the mainstream media. The latter are focused on reporting about civilian casualties - without apparently asking themselves if those are actually all civilians - and the lofty ceasefire talks. The tactical dimension seems not to exist for the MSM; in their reports there are soldiers and jihadis that fight, but how and when and the progress of the battle is constantly ignored.

Somewhat related, check this out from Reuters via LFG:

Syria has offered to play a constructive role, but there is no sign the Bush administration is ready to turn to a country it accuses of sponsoring terrorism and helping insurgents in Iraq -- or to pay the price the Syrians would try to extract.

The MSM has little clue about the military and political aspects of the war.



so far, the only news item I have seen that even mentions tactics is something from an aussie paper a week ago. I can't locate it anymore.

Regarding current coverage, so far the best is from The Sun! And the guys get hooters, too.

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