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Understanding the Evil of Our Age

Democratiya has posted a fascinating interview of Paul Berman. A small excerpt where Berman really nails it.

Alan Johnson: And what did you find in common between the Muslim totalitarianism of today and the European totalitarianism of yesterday?

Paul Berman: First, an underlying mythology: people of good who are oppressed by a cosmic conspiracy which is external and internal at the same time; an all-exterminating war of annihilation; and after, the arrival of a grand utopia that is going to be a leap forward into the sci-fi future, and, at the same time, a leap back into a lost golden age. This kind of mythology underlies all the totalitarian movements, in one fashion or another.



  • "people of good" = the Muslims or the Ummah.
  • "cosmic conspiracy" = led by the Jews and their Christian puppets.
  • "war of annihilation" = wiping Israel off the map and dhimmifying the infidels.
  • "grand utopia" = sharia across the world.
  • "golden age" = one Caliphate to rule them all.


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