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The Polio Conspiracy

Somali Net:

Over 10 states in Nigeria have reported new polio cases. 70% of the polio cases in the world are recorded in Nigeria. The surge in polio cases among Nigerians follows last year’s boycott of mass immunisation in predominantly muslim dominated northern Nigeria.

The muslim community in Nigeria argued that the vaccines were impure and would stop Nigerian women from giving birth. They further argued that it was part of the efforts to eliminate islam in Nigeria.

In the past few years, almost the same "logic" has been used in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

Link via Democracy Frontline.



It's sort of ridiculous how almost everything about modern science can be condemned as a Western plot to eliminate Islam. It's almost as if the West's sole raison d'etre is to eliminate Islam.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's the core premise.

A lot of these people think that giving information about birth control to Muslim couples (who're often poor and have more than five kids) is a scheme by the West to restrict the numbers of the Ummah. It doesn't even occur to them that bringing a seventh or eighth kid into a low-income household might not be a good thing.

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