Germany vs. England


The Guardian:

The album, All is War (The Benefits of G-had), contains one track which uses the words of Bin Laden issuing "a statement of reason and explanation of impending conflict" and equates him with Che Guevara. Another forensically recreates a suicide bomber at work. The opening song is a rejection of what Nawaz sees as the hypocrisy and immorality of the west. One supposedly dream-like track predicts the demise of America at the hands of Islam.

Keep dreaming.

The Big Pharaoh:

My question for Mr. Nawaz: if the West has hypocrisy and immorality, why are you still living there?

I'm sure Nawaz has good reasons. He's just not telling.



" ... why are you still living there? "

Could it be that he has been Sent and is a shahid of sorts?

As for the "hypocrisy and immorality"
how about:
"JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Indonesia's vice president said he saw nothing wrong with Arab men paying local women to marry and then divorcing them days or hours later, ..."

"Women activists say the weddings, which are not recognized by the state but are blessed by Islamic clerics for a fee,they are a form of legalized prostitution and encourage poor families to sell their daughters for sex."

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