Crack in the Walls
Pathological Victimhood

Rich Jew-hatred

John Hawkins:

Do the Palestinian terrorists really understand the can of worms they're going to open up if they use WMDs against the Israelis? If they were to -- say, use mustard gas in a pizzeria or sarin in an office building, it would be considered an enormous escalation of hostilities.

In response to an attack of that magnitude, you can be sure that the Israelis would hit the Palestinians much harder than they ever have before and when you're talking about the response to the use of WMDS, there almost is no such thing as, "using too much force," short of genocide.

Isn't it something. Palestinians who're working in the public sector haven't been paid their salaries for weeks and months, yet their brethren have plentiful money and resources for weapons. And now, they've crude WMD, the use of which would guarantee the journey towards the 72 raisins.


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