Letting Go of Principles
The Last Son of Krypton Returns

Mountain Thrust

Seattle Pi:

Fierce battles killed at least 30 people across Afghanistan on Wednesday as the U.S.-led coalition readied to launch its largest anti-Taliban offensive since the Islamic extremist government's 2001 ouster.


Limited operations began May 15 with attacks on Taliban command and control and support networks. According to U.S. military and Afghan figures, about 550 people, mostly militants, have been killed since mid-May, along with at least nine coalition troops.

That's an impressive kill-ratio.

The operation will involve about 2,300 U.S. conventional and special forces, 3,300 British troops, 2,200 Canadians, about 3,500 Afghan soldiers and coalition air support, said Maj. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, U.S. operational commander in Afghanistan.

That's surprising: The Brits outnumber the Americans.

The last word goes to Celestial Junk:

Afghanistan is a quagmire; a quagmire for the Taliban.


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