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Joe Katzman links to this informative piece from the NYTimes magazine (another link). In the aftermath of the 7/7 bombing, the UK government:

[...] brought to a final vote a 'law against incitement to religious hatred' that it had been discussing for five years. It is here that the intellectual underpinnings of the Blair approach were clearest. The law, which had been sought only by Muslims, was first demanded by the U.K. Action Committee on Islamic Affairs, a group formed to protest Salman Rushdie's portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad in 'The Satanic Verses.'


It didn't help the bill that it was scheduled for a vote in Parliament as the Danish cartoon affair was exploding across the Middle East. Gunmen raged in Gaza, and it wasn't long before protesters would hold up placards outside London's Danish Embassy calling for genocide against nonbelievers. Under such circumstances, limiting people's ability to criticize Islam looked not only cowardly but imprudent.

Isn't that an understatement.

Katzman writes:

[...] it's not as if people who were otherwise tolerant and inclined to peaceful cohabitation with other faiths suddenly snap one day... there's a long transmission belt of hate involved, resulting in human weapons that require only a trigger - and really, any trigger will do.

Correct. Just look at Bali, 2002. 'Whites' were engaging in infidelicious activities. Ergo, they deserved death.

The core ideology of Islamists is not to oppose Zionists, fight in Iraq or alleviate the suffering of Muslims. What propels them is a thorny fact: After 1400 years, there are still parts of the globe that haven't bathed in the glory of sharia.


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